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Vision Test

Vision Test services offered in the Grand Rapids, MI area

Seeing clearly is crucial to maximizing your quality of life. If you have blurry vision or other vision irregularities, turn to W. Optical, with three locations in the area of Grand Rapids, Michigan. During your Vision Test, the team of specialists gather your medical and social history, evaluate your visual uncorrected visual acuity and utilize our state of the art equipment to find the best prescription for you. Call the nearest office to schedule an appointment or use the online booking feature today.

What is a vision test?

A vision test at W. Optical consists of assessments that evaluate your vision, or how clearly you can see without glasses or contact lenses. If you have farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, or other vision issues that negatively affect you, you might need contact lenses, glasses, or laser vision correction surgery.

What are the benefits of vision tests?

The main benefits you can expect when choosing vision tests at W. Optical include:

  • Precise vision prescriptions
  • Affordable prices
  • Clearer vision
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What should I expect during a vision test?

During your vision tests at W. Optical, a team member will go over your symptoms, medical history, and eye health history.

Utilizing the accuracy of the front wave technology, W. Optical ‘s state of the art equipment will generate a formula which will show the correction necessary for your eyes. One of their doctors will review the information gathered during the vision test and finalized a prescription for you. 

Wavefront technology allows the results of a vision exam to be objective rather than subjective, therefore it takes the guesswork out of the picture. 

During your vision test you’ll no longer have to answer to the questions: “ Which is better? One or two?” reducing the amount of anxiety that you may experience and associated to the refraction portion of the exam. A vision test is an easy and convenient way to obtain a new eyeglass Rx. 

What if I have imperfect vision?

If you don’t have perfect vision, your W. Optical specialist might recommend further diagnostic testing, glasses, contact lenses, or laser surgery to help you see clearly. If you have an eye disease, you may need medications, eye drops, dietary supplements, or surgery in addition to vision correction.

You can choose glasses frames or contact lenses that suit your needs and preferences. If necessary, your W. Optical provider refers you to another specialist. They follow up with you to make your vision-correction plan works effectively.

Periodic vision tests help detect early vision changes and potentially serious eye diseases. You might need an eye exam every two years, yearly, or more often if you have worsening vision changes, eye pain, or an eye disease requiring treatment.

To schedule a vision test at W. Optical, call the nearest office or use the online booking tool today.