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Our showroom features over a thousand styles of frames to choose from from value frames to designer such as Coach, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vera Wang, Kate Spade,  Polo and more!


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Lens Materials

Plastic(CR-39): CR-39 is one of the most popular lens options due to its low cost and great optical qualities. However it is not recommended to those with a prescription higher than +/- 3.00 as it gets quite thick and heavy.

Polycarbonate: This type of material provides 100% UV protection and shatter-resistance, which makes them strongly recommended for both children and active adults. In addition, they have a high refractive index which means that they are thinner and lighter than traditional CR-39 lenses.

High Index & Ultra Hi Index: If you want the lightest and thinnest option possible, then this material is just for you! They are even thinner than polycarbonate and are strongly recommended for those with strong prescriptions.