Additional Services

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W. Optical

Our independent Doctor of Optometry and trained technicians will provide you with outstanding service.

Eye Exam

Comprehensive eye exams are available by an independent Doctor of Optometry. During your eye exam your Doctor will evaluate your general eye health, overall vision and depth perception, as well as any indications of potential conditions such as Cataracts, retinal issues and Glaucoma. This evaluation generally includes a Glaucoma Test, Auto-Refraction, Slit-Lamp Evaluation, Refraction and Visual Acuity Test.

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Visual Field Evaluation

You may need a visual field test to help your doctor monitor or see signs of brain disorders, eyelid issues or diseases such as glaucoma. In the earlier stages of glaucoma, you may lose peripheral vision without realizing it, and a visual field test can help your doctor manage your condition or start treating it.  

Contact Lens Exam

In addition to your Comprehensive Eye Exam, our  Doctor of Optometry may perform a Contact Lens fitting and evaluation.

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